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10. Staghorn Fern. Platycerium bifurcatum. Some ferns are non-toxic to cats and dogs, while others could be poisonous. That’s why it’s important to check both the common name (like Staghorn Fern) and the scientific name (like Platycerium bifurcatum).In terms of maintenance, these guys are pretty easy going—with enough sunlight and water every one to two weeks, these wavy ferns will thrive. Christmas trees and decorations hazardous to cats. Many young cats and kittens (and even some older felines) love to climb trees and are naturally intrigued by anything new, bright and sparkly – so they’re probably going to be attracted to a Christmas tree covered in sparkly decorations in the corner of your living room.

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Cat friendly christmas tree. We all know pets get a bit psyched about the holiday season. They enjoy watching their owners decorate the evergreen with what they see as toys for them to play with. They eye the tree with admiration just seconds before jumping on it. Or munching on it. Anyways, what follows next is a destroyed Christmas tree lying on the floor with broken ornaments all over the place. The good news is that. This Half Christmas Tree is Cat-Friendly. Posted by Allison Johnson. 1 month. Amazon. Cats love swatting at just about anything--t heir toys, your dog, and even that mosquito that somehow got into your kitchen. It's hard to keep your cats' playful paws off everything, especially your Christmas tree. Sometimes multiple trees can be good: decorate the main tree with cat-friendly ornaments and save your special ornaments for an ornament-holder tree on your dining room table.

For the ultimate feline-friendly Christmas compromise, try building your own climbable Christmas tree and letting kitty be part of the holiday fun! Jayne Blume of Like Kittysville designed and built a sturdy tree specifically for her cats to climb, and it’s easy to set up and take down for storage. Crafting A Cat Friendly Christmas Tree December 18, 2018. Feature. In this Critter Crafts video from The Pet Collective we get some ideas on crafting a pet friendly Christmas tree for our feline friends! Animals: cat Series: The Pet Collective Video not working? Report video /. This alternative Christmas tree for cat owners is definitely for those with a sense of humor. If you get a live tree, simply cut off all of the bottom branches. Maybe leave only the top third of the tree in tact. This way, your cat can’t climb up or bat at the ornaments and decor hanging on the top of the tree.

To a cat, a decorated tree is like a gigantic toy! If all else fails, get a big big dog and tie him to the tree as your personal Christmas tree bodyguard. Problem is, you may have a tree that is then covered in dog pee. ** **We don’t really advocate tying dogs to trees, indoor or outdoor. The day after Ghost Cat’s near-death experience (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, the tree missed her, but it was still loud and scary) I started planning for a cat-safe Christmas 2016, and boy. A chewed artificial tree isn't going to be that healthy for your cat to ingest either, so balance the choice of tree type with how you intend to keep the tree safe from your cat. If you do choose a real tree, also choose a water container for the tree that is completely inaccessible to the cat.

Use Obstacles to Separate Christmas Trees and Cats. You can surround the tree with a barricade or objects, like a cat pen, to obstruct access to the Christmas tree. Cat pens like the MidWest exercise pen with step-thru door can help to prevent the cat from going under the tree and climbing into it, but unfortunately, this will not stop aerial. Cat trees are big (or, sometimes not-so-massive) structures that your cat can use for several purposes: scratching, lounging, and climbing. These are all activities that appeal to your cat’s instincts — that is, cats like to climb and scratch, and a cat tree provides a way for them to do it without leaving fur or claw marks on furniture.To make the cat tree even more appealing, set it up. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how much I want to bite thee. Or climb or scratch or knock down. Such is the refrain likely going through your cat’s head when she sees your tree all decked out with glittering ornaments, shimmering tinsel and blinking lights.

It’s covered with cat toys and cat-friendly unbreakable ornaments. They can snag an ornament for playtime, or they can just lay under it on the tree skirt, which they do frequently. As Lifehacker reports, an elaborate skirt is the key to a cat-friendly tree. If a cat loves the soft, fluffy material beneath the tree, it may lose interest in the branches overhead. Sometimes multiple trees can be good: decorate the main tree with cat-friendly ornaments and save your special ornaments for an ornament-holder tree on your dining room table.

For a more cat-friendly Christmas tree, don't hang any breakable or edible decorations on the lower half of the tree. And if possible, keep the lowest branches of the tree free from all ornaments. The trend of dog-friendly half Christmas trees might mean you can hang onto your treasured trinkets for a bit longer – and save your decorations from the scrapheap. 6ft Half Parasol Christmas Tree Argos Home Cat-proofing your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be boring or take away from your home’s Christmas cheer. Yes, you must take precautions to keep your cat safe, and we have lots of great tips for cat safety around the holidays.But with a little creativity, you can actually make cat-proofing for Christmas a fun activity.

Keep the tree away from launching zones (e.g., furniture) that your cat uses, in order to reduce the temptation to pounce on your tree. Steer your kitty away. Most cats hate foil and citrus scents, so wrap your tree trunk in foil, and place a few lemon or orange peels around the base. The "half tree" is available in two styles - traditional green and a snowy design. While it's 6ft in height, the branches begin halfway up and out of reach of pets and toddlers. "Don't let the cat. A Christmas tree can look like the ultimate toy to a cat: something to climb on that’s covered in shiny things to play with, break, and eat—not to mention a water bowl, toilet, and scratching post in one! Unfortunately, this dangerous situation is probably not what you had in mind when you set up your tree.

For many cat owners, the answer is a fear-inducing yes. Felines are notorious for attacking Christmas trees the second after they are decked to perfection.

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