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German Christmas Celebrations for all to enjoy! German Christmas celebrations start with the first of Advent (the fourth Sunday before Christmas) and ends on December 26th, which is the second Holiday of Christmas. In between, are different traditional celebrations and activities with deeper meanings beyond shopping sprees and gift giving. Four Sundays prior to Christmas, the children light a candle, eat treats and sing holiday songs. They continue the practice each Sunday before the holiday and again on Christmas. Notable Days in the German Christmas Season. Many German Christmas traditions are celebrated on these dates. December 6: Nikolaustag, or St. Nicholas Feast's Day.

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Christmas pyramids (German: Weihnachtspyramide) are Christmas decorations that have their roots in the folklore and customs of the Ore Mountain region of Germany, but which have become popular internationally. They comprise a decorated pyramidal outer frame with candle holders and a central carousel with a rotor at the top which is driven by warm air from the lit candles.

German christmas candle tradition. During the lighting of the candle, many families sing Christmas carols and eat cookies or a piece of Christmas bread. The Advent wreath was invented by Johann Hinrich Wichern, a German pastor, who founded an orphanage in Hamburg in 1833. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, the children would ask him daily if Christmas had arrived. German Christmas traditions Customs of one of the most important German holidays. Christmas, or Weihnachten, is considered by Germans to be the most important of the major holidays.Although secularized and commercialized compared to Christmas celebrations of yore, the German holiday season is a time for introspection, celebration, and family and friends; it is less consumption-oriented than in. The tradition of Advent wreaths was started by German Lutherans in the 16th century, and today the wreath is still an icon of Christmas in Germany. The wreath consists of four candles in a bed of pine cones, berries, dried flowers and Christmas ornaments. Different families have different traditions when it comes to Adventskranz. Some will.

Also the Christmas pyramids are an important element of the German Christmas tradition. During Christmas time one of course finds more Christmas trees than Christmas pyramids in German homes but the number of Christmas pyramids is also very high and is still growing continuously.. Although most Christmas pyramids are driven by candle heat. Christmas is a truly magical time of the year in Germany. If you're dreaming of visiting a German Christmas market, interested in German Christmas traditions, or just want to learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in German, you've come to the right place! Authentic German Candle Arches (Schwibbogen) The first predecessor of Candle Arches (Schwibbogen) was manufactured 1726 from wrought iron. The German name Schwibbogen refers to a type of arch constructed in gothic times when an arch between two walls was called "Schwebebogen" (floating arch).

Christmas Traditions: Advent in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Advent tradition is a religious celebration in preparation for the arrival, or “advent” of the Christ Child (das Christkind) on his “official” birthday, the 25th day of December.The Advent season and its celebration have changed over the years from a more serious, somber character (including giving up things, as for. The German Christmas tree tradition is much like it is the US. Everyone I’ve celebrated Christmas with in Germany had a fresh, live tree decorated with family favorite ornaments and twinkling lights.. My candle holders will have to stay in my Christmas box a little longer. *sigh* Tip: if you do use real candles on your tree, do as the. Advent is the 24-day period that anticipates the celebration of the birth of Christ. In the 1800s, German Lutherans would count down the days until Christmas by marking each day with a chalk line on the door. Some lit a new candle for each day of Advent, and others hung little religious pictures on the wall.

Many “American” Christmas elements have come from German Europe. “Silent Night” was composed in Austria in 1818. (More in Silent Night (Stille Nacht).)The Advent or Christmas calendar is a German tradition that has become increasingly popular in the US. (See our online Advent Calendar with daily Christmas facts starting on December 1.) Even some American Christmas words come from German. Advent is basically the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. This year it will begin on November 30 th. In German homes, a single candle is lit on each one of these Sundays increasing the anticipation of the arrival of the Christkind (Christ child) or the Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus – literally Christmas man By the 19th century, the Christmas tree had even replaced the nativity scene as the focal point of German Christmas festivities. The Modern Christmas Tree Modern Christmas trees are usually conifers such as fir, spruce or pine. The tree is often decorated with live candles or strings of lights, as well as a variety of intricate ornaments.

Handmade German Christmas Ornaments in Glass, Pewter and Wood Are All Beautiful Tree Decorations. This pewter Christmas ornament depicts an angel wearing a white and red trim dress with gilded wings inside of a red candle lit Christmas tree. Hand painted details on both sides showing front and back of angel & tree.. If you’re new to the. German families prepare for Christmas throughout cold December. Four Sundays before Christmas, they make an Advent wreath of fir or pine branches with four colored candles. They light a candle on the wreath each Sunday, sing Christmas songs, and eat Christmas cookies. The children count the days until Christmas with an Advent calendar. Each day. This is a complete guide to German Christmas Candle Arches. Also known as Schwibbogan, these wonderful Christmas illuminations are designed to light window sills, tables and mantles. Here at the German Christmas Shop, we ship magical, handcrafted decorations to homes across America. Shop online today for Incense Burners, Tree Decorations, Music boxes, Christmas Figurines and Authentic Nutcrackers.

The white candle of the Advent wreath is lit on Christmas Day .. commonly made to resemble a toy soldier, is a common German Christmas tradition. According to German folklore, nutcrackers were. The Christmas tree is an integral part of German Christmas celebrations. It should be kept in mind that the Christmas tree actually originated in Germany. A unique aspect of the German Christmas decorations is that, kids can not take part in the beautification of the Christmas tree. The tradition of using Christmas pyramids originated in the area of the German ore mountains ('Erzgebirge') in eastern Germany and dates back to the middle ages and is thus a much older tradition than the use of decorated Christmas trees.

On the first Advent Sunday, one candle is lit; the second is added on the following Sunday and so on until all four candles are burning by Christmas Eve.. In a separate tradition, on Dec. 6. The boxes or bags represent each day before Christmas, and each one has a little present inside. Another part of Advent tradition is the Adventskranz – the Advent wreath. On each Sunday before Christmas, a new candle of the Adventskranz is lit. Christstollen The first Advent Sunday is the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day (25th December). An Adventskranz (advent wreath), usually made of fir twigs, decorated with small stars, ribbons, fir cones and four candles, can be found in nearly every home. In the first week only one candle is lit, the second follows on the second Advent Sunday, and so on. Advent is the time when houses smell of freshly.

There are many German Christmas traditions. One of them is the Adventskranz or Advent wreath. Made out of fir and/or pine branches and decorated with 4 candles it is symbolizing the 4 weeks before Christmas. Every Sunday a candle is been lit before the Christmas tree lights are illuminating the room.

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