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To cat-proof your Christmas tree, tie one end of clear fishing line to the top of the tree and pull the other end upward toward the ceiling, securing it to a nail in the ceiling. Another option is to increase the width of your tree's base. To do this, use a piece of plywood 3x3 feet and duct tape it to the bottom of your tree stand. Time to drag out the cat proof Christmas tree again. It's like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, only 10 times sadder, but it's better than having shattered ornaments, cat urine, or a sick pup on.


How to Cat-proof the Christmas Tree By Liz Palika. We’ve seen the videos and photos online of lovely Christmas trees toppled on the floor with happy cats peeking from the rubble. Christmas trees are made to order for cats; they are new and unique, the real trees smell good, and there are lots of dangling toys hanging from the branches..

Cat proof christmas tree. Cat-proof Christmas trees that are safe from the claws of even the most playful felines (Credit: Pixabay) Companies seem to be getting extra creative with their trees this year - retailer Hammacher Schlemmer is even selling a half tree, Against The Wall Christmas Tree, for anyone who doesn't have the time, energy or inclination to commit to 360. 10 Tips to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree by Kathy — December 5, 2012 December 5, 2012 — Comments (3) If you have a curious kitty and a Christmas tree, you know there is a chance that you’ll find your ornaments on the floor, gifts with little claw marks on them, and a cat perched in your tree peeking out at you. Setting Up the Tree. Wait a minute. You might be used to busting out the ornaments as soon as you get the tree home, but it helps to give your cat a chance to get bored with the tree first. Set up the tree a few days before decorating it so that your companions can investigate it (and hopefully, soon lose interest in it).

Cats love trees. In fact, it must be incredibly exciting for them to see you gussying one up with shiny hanging things on it for them to play with indoors. So its important to consider how to catproof your holiday evergreen before you end up with broken ornaments on the floor, with it toppling over, or worse. Click through the jump to read some tips for protecting your cat AND your tree after. A Cat Proof Christmas Tree. mysweetrockingchair Report. Final score: 122 points. POST. Amanda Panda. Amanda Panda. Community Member • Follow Unfollow. 3 years ago. At first glance, i thought that middle thing was a cat paw reaching up, and started to laugh, then immediately realized it wasn't, and felt disappointed. Such a vast array of. O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum — how tempting are your branches! It’s nearly impossible to have a totally risk-free, cat-proof Christmas tree. Somehow the cats always manage to find something to.

Whether your cat is a tree scratcher extraordinaire, a bauble batter or a professional cat lumberjack, these genius hacks will help you cat-proof your Christmas tree! BUILD A BARRICADE 1. Dissuade tree aggressors with the most-feared VACOOM. 2. Think inside the box. The Cat-proof Christmas tree is a Nordmann Fir - grown in the Scottish Borders. It has soft rich-green needles, bushy branches and is almost scentless - perfect for the more sensitive households. Follow our 13-step guide to avoid a Christmas tree cat-astrophe. Cats and Christmas trees are a dangerous combination. Pine needles can cause stomach upsets as well as cuts to the paws and mouth and, in severe cases, even perforation of the intestines.

Cat-proofing your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be boring or take away from your home’s Christmas cheer. Yes, you must take precautions to keep your cat safe, and we have lots of great tips for cat safety around the holidays.But with a little creativity, you can actually make cat-proofing for Christmas a fun activity. A Christmas tree can look like the ultimate toy to a cat: something to climb on that’s covered in shiny things to play with, break, and eat—not to mention a water bowl, toilet, and scratching post in one! Unfortunately, this dangerous situation is probably not what you had in mind when you set up your tree. The holiday season is here, so you know what that means: Christmas trees will soon fill living rooms across the country. However, if you own cats, you know tree + cat = potential disaster. So, here are some veterinary tips from sWheat Scoop® on how to cat-proof your tree. 1. Pick a tree that is unattractive to cats.

How to Cat Proof a Christmas Tree with Treated Pinecones. Getty Images. For a little rustic charm that will keep the cats away, Tricia advises spraying a few pinecones with apple cider vinegar and placing them at the base of the tree. "Cats generally hate the scent and will likely avoid the area," she says. To cat proof your Christmas tree, try spraying it with a citrus spray, since cats normally hate the smell of citrus. Before decorating the tree, allow it to sit in the room for a few days so your cat can adjust to having it in the room. Then, choose ornaments that are not shiny, dangly, or sparkly, since these will seem like toys to your cat.. DIY Climbable Christmas Tree For Cats • hauspanther Some of you might remember this project from a few years ago, but I thought it was worth sharing again! Jayne from Like Kittysville designed this fabulous climbable Christmas tree for her kitties.

For a more cat-friendly Christmas tree, don't hang any breakable or edible decorations on the lower half of the tree. And if possible, keep the lowest branches of the tree free from all ornaments. Here are some suggestions for how to cat-proof your Christmas tree so you don’t have to give up the idea of having one this holiday season. Feline Deterrent Strategies. You can try to spray a diluted vinegar solution onto the base of the tree, or apply hot sauce or camphor—all of which are distasteful to cats. Argos is selling a cat and child proof Christmas tree in a bid to help cut festive fallouts. (Argos). It’s the most wonderful time of year – unless of course you’ve got cats (or kids.

Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree! Protect your Pets from Ingesting Dangerous Objects. Protect your Cat from Climbing into Tree after Shiny, but Potentially Toxic Objects. Potted Plant Protector. Protect Your Keepsake Ornaments. Before I was an inventor, I was a pet lover. Pets have always been an important part of our family, especially our cats. You can now get ‘cat-proof’ half Christmas trees and they’re genius. October 14, 2020. With the festive season in full swing, many of us have begun decorating our homes and shopping for that all-important Christmas tree. For cat owners, however, this is typically a much harder task. Argos. Even after you cat-proof your home, new furniture, decorations, ornamentation, and especially a Christmas tree can test the limits of your careful planning. A Christmas tree is not only a potential holiday jungle gym full of shiny ornaments and dangly (and dangerous!) tinsel, but it’s also teeming with free snacks in the form of pine needles.

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